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What’s Modern Day Web Design And How It Can Help Businesses

Web-DesignToday, the battle for profitability by most businesses has been taken online; brands and products are competing to win customers and clients online. Any business that doesn’t have an online presence risks being relegated into oblivion.

Can a business survive in today’s world without a website?

Look at it this way; over 90% of consumers have mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets that they use to browse the internet, get information, hire or seek services, buy products, learn about new products, and so on so forth. With a nicely done website, a business positions itself ahead of its competitors. More visitors to your business site mean higher chances of making sales.

How can modern day web design help a business enhance its profitability?

  • Modern day web designers make use of the right keywords, and other strategies to ensure that your business website is ranked at the top, by the search engines.
  • Being ranked on the top is the first step; is the resposive web design must then enable the business to cash in on the many visitors, and convert them into potential clients or customers.
  • Web designers are thus designing sites that are easy to navigate through, and that have features to help visitors purchase products, and pay online.
  • In other words, you can have your business site designed in a way that visitors shop, pay for their items via several available options, and await delivery of those products. It started with sites like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and today, even small scale businesses can take advantage of this concept.


Modern day web design offers solutions to businesses on how to approach the future of business transactions; everything from advertizing, to shopping, to making payments, is being done online.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Web Hosting Service Provider

Getting the right provider for your web hosting needs is not always as easy as it may sound.  While there are numerous service providers, getting the right company to help you host your business website, or a personal site is tricky. What with the many web hosting companies claiming to offer these services, only to fail you miserably in the long run.  At Seekahost, we have decided to do things differently by offering very quality services, at affordable rates. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire our web hosting services;

  • Reliable; when choosing a web hosting company, you should always opt for a reliable one. At Seekahost, what they promise is what we deliver; besides, we have helped many businesses reach their customers online. Our list of references is long and glowing with positive feedback from those that have already tried our services.
  • Trial period; in web hosting, mere words and promises are sometimes not enough. There are times a client will want a demonstration of how their site will look like once we’ve helped host it. Once you buy any of our numerous web hosting packages, we provide you with a trial period during which you’ll observe the trends and functionality of the site. Whether it is a personal site or a business site you want hosted, we are always on standby during the trial period to offer you an ear in case you have concerns.
  • User Interface; gone are the days when a website was ranked according to how decorated and cluttered with images and videos it was. Today, users want a simple and friendly interface of your home page. Once you’ve entrusted us with your project at Seekahost, we first seek to understand what your specialty is, and what your page will be all about. We then go ahead to design a detailed but user friendly site for you, which even a layman will understand.
  • Technical support; our technical support team is always on standby to ensure that your website is always live and running. While many people are tempted by online ads of free webhosting services, truth is that most of them are fakes, and do not offer after sale technical support. Don’t fall for those, try our services today, and be guaranteed of continuous technical support.
  • Affordability; Not all expensive web hosting services are indicative of a good job and likewise, not all cheap services are indicative of shoddy work. At Seekahost, we seek to balance between affordability and top notch hosting services. From as little as $ 1.99 a month, we can have your personal website or blog running and live at all times! Thus even for college or university students struggling to make an extra coin by blogging, our services are affordable and suitable for all.


The business web hosting services are the way to go, you have no reason now not to reach your online customers, or expose your blogs to a larger readership!

By: SeekaHost Team

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How to find a Expert SEO Consultant in London?

Are you looking for expert Local SEO services for your local business in London? Then you have to think about hiring the best local Search Engine Optimization Expert that knows how to get your business website ranked higher on the search engines. In digital economy you need the best for your business.

Local-SEO-ExpertIn this page we will explain to you why you should hire a local digital marketing consultant or basically call a SEO expert and how you can do that easily though a proper search done on the web.

Why you should a hire SEO Expert?

Because an experienced expert can help your business rank higher on the search engine and ranking higher on search results for profitable keywords means more business. That’s the fundamental having a website ranked on the web. We marketing consultants can help you in gaining a massive boost for your business and the ROI is going to be higher when you hire the right.

Most of the search marketing specialist in London  have their website placed in the SERP’s, especially on Google, yahoo and Bing. But how could you know who is the ideal consultant to get your business the traction? That’s what we at Find a Registrar is about, we as a local business marketing and consultancy services advice website, we have come to realise that most of the business have got their websites buried by letting their website optimized by horrible SEO consultants in UK. Worst if you have ever hired a SEO from an Asian country like India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

So now you know why it is crucial to hire a local SEO Expert London to get your business ranked on the web, but can you find then with a strategy. On the web there are so many people possessing as they know how to rank higher on the web. Buts digital marketing consultants could only spoil you back link profile and screw your business website. So know how to find a good reliable personal to do the work for your business website.

How to Find a Local SEO Consultant in UK?

Just Google, the below mentioned terms:

  1. SEO Consultant
  2. SEO Expert
  3. SEO Consultnat London
  4. SEO Expert London
  5. SEO Specialist London

Above 5 terms are toughest and most searched terms on the web and the most competitive to rank organically on the search engines like Google. Yahoo and Bing is little different case, so we advice you always look up on Google first to see if any particular terms is ranking and who ranks on top 3 spots.

Then check their websites, their bracklink profile on Majestic to see how do they link to their property. Because if the backlinks are coming in a nasty way, that person and his SEO strategies could harm you business websites when you do let them link to your URL. So Think wisely when hiring someone these days.

Contact the person and ask what would be their approach and any other industries that do rank website and ask how long have they been ranking sites on the SERP’s. Keep in mind that real clicks happens in Top 3 spots on any search engine, so if they I will get you first page in 6 months, tell them to go fuck a dog.

The SEO is little slower now but 6 months is only a case if you business websites is brand new and had never been optimized. However a the right SEO Expert would know how to get your business website moved smoothly and effective and ranking for the long tails would still open doors for the wallet out ready to buy traffic.

How Search Engine Optimization can help grow your business?

Search-Engine-OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is a technique which helps to move any website into the Search Engine Result page. SEO is widely used in today’s fast paced generation and for those who do SEO accurately are benefited a lot; be it a business, blog or affiliation.

The term SEO is so powerful that I have seen many industries reaching huge heights and getting big turnovers every year. The more advanced you hire a SEO Consultant, the chances of visibility of your website in the search engines are high.

Online Marketing can be a great thing for getting internet exposure to you. People make 100 billion searches per month which is a huge number. It will be an impossible thing for you to wrap all the search queries.

People are so found of Google that they search plumbers, restaurants, companies with  different services. And if you rank for a couple of queries for a targeted audience, it means 1000 of visitors to your site. So if your site is appealing then you will be able to convert the audience to the clients. You many also include other things in your site such as articles, customer support etc.

This thing can really help your company to build a strong relationship with the customers because you may be providing them high quality articles or keeping them up to date. Your customers will also feel enticed which is an aspiration of every business. This will automatically increase your goodwill in the market and you can be ready to rock and attain biggest goals.

I hope you got my point and you will soon hire a SEO expert. However I can also give some tips before hiring a SEO expert that you must check his communication skills first which is the main thing. If he is good at talking then you will understand his strategy, website analysis and other things.

You can also look up his previous records and feel free to ask him proofs for the same. Compare seo consultant’s skills with other seo specialists skills because you may not have to regret in future at your decision. Thanks for reading this article.